Hung Hey Fat Choi!

The children have been learning all about Chinese new Year.

In Literacy, we read the story of the animal race together using our super phonic skills. We answered lots of questions about the story, finding the answers in the text. All of us wrote some animal names too.

There was lots of speaking and listening and we worked together co- operatively, communicating well as we acted out the race We had lots of fun wearing animal masks.


As part of our PSHE we discussed whether we thought that Rat was clever for riding on Ox's back to win the race or a cheat! What do you think?

We experimented with different ways of moving as part of our physical development. We pretended to run, fly and swim. We also performed our Dragon Dance throughout the school.


Our maths skills were also very useful to order the animals and we then learned about ordinal numbers. We also made the Great Wall of China measuring and comparing length. The real Great Wall of China measures over 5,500 miles long. We discussed how far this is in comparison to journeys we make and decided that we couldn't make our walls this long!


We used our creative skills to make a fantastic dragon. We listened carefully to Chinese music and picked out cymbals, drums, bells and castanets to accompany our own song and dance. We also made money packets and Happy New Year cards.

Throughout our learning we loved learning about the wider world and the country that these traditions originated in as well as exploring how this festival is celebrated in Britain.


"I loved painting the dragon. It looked so good!" - Amy

"I wanted the dragon to win," - Alfie

"The Great Wall of China can be seen from Space!" - Henry