Healthy Teeth

Last week in Reception, we were learning all about how to stay healthy and about making healthy choices.This is part of our learning in Physical Development- Health and self-care: Children know the importance for good health of physical exercise, and a healthy diet, and can talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.Children can make healthy choices in relation to healthy eating and exercise.  We sorted healthy foods and unhealthy foods, and then we designed tasty healthy lunch boxes. We investigated the effects that exercise has upon our bodies and measured our pulse and temperature before and after physical activity. We also discussed hygiene and dental health. We were very lucky because Mrs Fowler's daughter, Charlotte came into school. She is now a qualified dental nurse. 

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"Milk makes your teeth strong."  Zac

"Sweets make your teeth sad." Angel

"Dont use water after you brush your teeth." Sadie

"Use a pea sized blob of tooth paste." Nicole