Great British Bread Off - CL3

This term our project in Design and Technology is based on bread. The children have been exploring the history of Warburtons and last week they sampled the different products. Below you can see images of the children sampling and analysing these breads. They were very engaged and enthuastic to try new things!


IMG_20180926_135549.jpg IMG_20180926_135600.jpg

Today, however, the children had a treat courtesy of Mrs Cooper. She heard that the children were exploring different breads and she decided to introduce them to her famous Chocolate Bread. I was not very sure that the children would be interested... but they tried their hardest to push through this challenge.


IMG_20181002_145800.jpg IMG_20181002_145948.jpg



pupil voice.png

"It was really nice and I really liked the flavour because it wasn't too sweet," - Erin

"I liked the colour of it," - Poppy 

"She didn't just use white bread and I really liked that," - Charlie