Goodbye Y6

 The time has come to say a special goodbye to our year six children. 



We all enjoyed watching your play "Mary Poppins". It showed just how talented you all are and how confident you have become. The journey you have been on is remarkable. Many of you took on main characters which 12 months ago, would have seemed impossible.  

You have been so caring to each other over the yeas and welcomed new children along the way too.  We may have had the odd lost temper on the playground due to football issues, but your behaviour has been exemplary, not only towards your learning but to each each other.  I have known most of you for  five years and watched you develop into the special people you are today. From the big loud voices, to those quiet little hellos on the door each morning, I will miss each and everyone of you.  

High School is awaiting with all those new opportunities and  people to meet.  Grasp it with all your power and make every day count. When things get tough remember our work on Nelson Mandela.



We also of course say goodbye to many families. Some of whom have been at The Meadows for nearly 20 years!  Whilst others we have known for just a year.  We have met lots of special people who have supported our school passionately.  We have shared special times together and it's been a pleasure.

We have received so many lovely gifts, all special and very much appreciated.   Your generosity is very touching.  We would like to share a gift from the Franks family which has made us smile. Can you guess which owl is which? ( I am the red one obviously)