Genre Assembly (Horror) presented by the children

The children are exploring different genres throughout the school. This week Immy, Isaac and Lily-May create a PowerPoint about the Horror genre. Below you can see slides of their presentation. They did a fantastic job! It was brilliant to see them engaging with their 'audience' with prompting questions.







pupil voice.png

"It was a fun assembly! They chose movies that I already enjoyed and a few that some of us did not know. They let us say things, too," - Cameron

"I enjoyed making the assembly and it was really fun learning new skills on the laptop. Horror is my favourite genre and I enjoyed having the chance to create something on it," - Isaac

"I liked the scary dog picture!" Poppy

"I liked when they got us involved by asking questions, especially the 'guess what' pictures!" - Michelle

"It was good because it kept stopping to ask us different questions," - Archie