FUN Maths Review of the Week

This week, across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we have introduced our new F.U.N Maths (Fluency and Understanding in Number) daily sessions with great success.

The aim of these sessions is to help our pupils to become proficient mathematicians who are able to recall their number facts quickly and apply them into different areas of their learning, for example, in their arithmetic. Furthermore, we aim for our sessions to be fun and engaging so that our children enjoy them and grow a deep and enthusiasm passion for maths. We sing songs about our number facts, play games related to our learning, and solve problems using our number facts.

These are the facts we have been learning about this week in school:

Class 2 -number bonds to 5

Image result for number bonds to 5 song

They have been singing and dancing to 'Give me 5'. 

Class 3 -number bonds to 10

Image result for number bonds to 10 song jack hartmann

They have been singing and dancing to DJ Count's 'Number Bonds' song. 

Class 4 -the 6 and 60 times tables

Image result for 6x table salute song

They have been singing the 6x tables to the tune of 'Salute' by Little Mix.

The children were all tested on their knowledge of their facts at the beginning of the week and then again today so that we could see the progress that they have made. I am so impressed with the improvement they have shown in this week. Those children who have actively learnt their facts at home as well, as part of their home learning, have done particularly well. 

Please encourage your child to actively learn their number facts at home; we know that practice really does make perfect. ICT games such as 'Hit the Button' and 'Bingo' as well as singing songs about their facts can really help consolidate your child's learning. 

pupil voice.png


"I think it is fun maths because everyone was enjoying it and learning lots about number bonds to 10." Kiri CL3

"It is a change and fun. It has helped me as the song is now stuck in my head!" Jake G Cl3

"Fun maths was a new experience by having different maths games to improve our maths skills. I have enjoyed it -the games we have played have been fun and helped me learned my times tables." Jacob CL4

"I have enjoyed chanting and the games that we have done, for example 'Gladiator'. It has helped me to understand calculations a little more. Making it fun has helped make me more engaged."  Amelia Cl4

Well done children - keep it up!

Mrs Kuffour