FUN Maths - Class 3

This week most of the class has moved on to the 7 x table. Some of the children have been really missing the song we did for the 3 x table. However, we finally have a brand new favourite! 



The children have enjoyed blasting this throughout FUN Maths (as well as on their way out of school). They have also enjoyed giving the bus driver a rendition of this... 

In our learning, we have been practising our quick recall using Hit the Button, Dartboard Multiplication and Bingo. They have applied their knowledge in the formal written methods for division and multiplication (many of the children completing five calculations well within five minutes and checking with the inverse). The children have also identified patterns to find the 'odd multiple out' as well as correcting errors in calculations.

Some children have done some fantastic work on the 4 x table this week! They have really enjoyed the Frozen song, but are excited for the new challenges of the 5 x table.

pupil voice.png

"I have enjoyed the song because it changes from going to slow to fast very quickly," - Erin

"I enjoyed getting timed on the dartboard to see how many I could do!" - Annabelle

"I really enjoyed the bingo because I won! It got really tense at one point," - Lucas

"I liked doing the timestable tests on the Mondays and Fridays because I like to see the improvement," - Sam