France 2019

Our early start from Seabridge was a struggle for some children and they were asleep within the first few minutes! Others were far too excited. It was quite a long journey, though, but the children were such stars. As you can see, we still had smiley faces a few hours in!



The ferry was a little choppy on the way out but we managed to get out on deck!




Before we reached the chateaux, we stopped off at Europe's largest acquarium!




As soon as we got to the chateaux, we had a quick tour of the dorms before dinner. The children were ready for a warm meal and had the chance to try ratatouille (we also had the chance to watch the film during our stay).

Our first day was another early start with a visit down to the local town of Dieppe. The children had the chance to test their French by buying pastries. We explored the local area and learnt the role Dieppe played in a failed mission during WW2.

IMG_20190312_094710_0.jpg IMG_20190312_095444_0.jpg


The next day, we had a very packed day! We explored two popular areas: Wellington Quarry and Vimy Ridge. Wellington Quarry was a great experience because the children got to explore the underground tunnels built during the war. There were projections on the walls of real-life soldier experiences. It was very moving and the children got a lot from the experience. We also enjoyed exploring the trenches that were used during the war. The children had the chance to walk in them and compare the British trenches to those of the Germans.


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Our next day was filled with cheese tasting and a market challenge! We had to buy our own lunch in a French supermarket and then display it.



We also enjoyed a range of other exciting activities!



I would like to take this moment to thank you so much for your continued support. We hope the use of Twitter was a comfort! As you see from the above blog, they really did manage to cram a lot of experiences into such a short space of time and they gained a great deal from it.

You can view more photos here. You can find more information about our trip here:


On Monday 11th March, we made our way to Seabridge at 5:30am where were took a coach journey to Dover and made our way across the English channel… all the way to Calais where we visited the biggest aquarium in Europe! We then made our way to chateaux. Through the week, we went to Vimy Ridge (a Canadian war memorial) and Wellington quarry (where we had to wear tin hats and listen to an audio tape about what happened during the war). We were lucky enough to go to a restaurant as well. We took part in a market challenge where we had to buy food and ask for it in French then present it the best way we could. When the weather was a bit wet, we were able to take part in archery, Team Tech, fencing and many other fun French games. We enjoyed all of our stay at Kingswood and we would like to thank Mrs Panagi, Miss Parry, Mrs Michelle, Mrs Harrison, Mr Rogers, all the ATs and the staff at Kingswood. – Alexi and Christi

I really enjoyed France. My favourite bit was when we went to the aquarium and the beach. I learnt a lot on the beach about WW1 and this was very interesting. – Michelle

Once we arrived in France, we went to the biggest aquarium in Europe – Nausica. We went to Dieppe, we went to the beach and learnt about the landings there. We also did a French themed Olympics. I enjoyed shopping in the market for the challenge as we got to create our own lunch. - Jake