Focus Day - Academy Council

26th March, 2018

All Academy Councillors were invited into school to participate in a Focus Day where we were asked to observe and comment on all aspects of school provision and procedures in order to gain first hand experience of day to day life.  After our continental breakfast, our tasks ranged from observing office procedures and lateness, observing FUN maths sessions, accompanying Class 4 to the High School for a Truck Safety training session, observing playground activity, attending a Guided Reading session, evaluating Sports Premium spending, pupil voice, as well as observing Music tuition and P.E.

Without exception, we were warmly greeted by staff and pupils and all Academy Councillors commented on the outstanding performance, behaviour and manners of all pupils. It is important for Councillors to see the effect of  financial  and strategic decisions to  make sure that the right level of support is available. It was a wonderful learning curve for us!

Our thanks go to Mrs Procter for instigating the first of these “Focus Days” as well as the staff and children for making us feel so welcome.  It was immensely rewarding for us to see things first hand, and we look forward to our follow up visits.

Ann Spilsbury

Chair of the Academy Council