Feedback Friday

Good morning all!

It is beginning to look alot like Christmas! We have our school Christmas tree up, which was a  magical moment as Class 1 walked past for the first time.

The children have been working so hard again. We have been counting and using bigger numbers and practising using our phonics to read and write. 

One of this week's highlights has to be our science investigation. The children were most upset that The Gingerbread man had been eaten by the fox and wanted to try and help him across the river! They investigated floating and sinking, made predictions, recorded results and drew their own conclusions. We found out that baking paper helped the Gingerbread man to float across our river. We all had our own Gingerbread man to eat to celebrate! 

IMG_20201201_134229[1].jpg            IMG_20201201_143323[1].jpg


"A scientist explores." - Amy

"A scientist makes new things." - James

"A scientist can do science experiments." - Nina