Feedback Friday

Good morning all,

Another lovely busy week in Class 1. Thank you everyone for attending our parental consultations via Teams. I felt that it all went well and was a positive experience! 

This week we have been practising blending and segmenting with our phase 2 sounds and have enjoyed reading our Rocket Phonic books which you can now access at home too. This practice will help to build confidence with the text and develop fluency. Thank you for parent contributions in the reading diaries. It really informs us about how the children are applying their skills at home.

In maths we have been using counters and cubes to explore our number bonds within 5. We have also been doing actions to our number bond song and playing number games on the Smart board.

Our story of the week has been The Gingerbread Man and we have had fun making playdough gingerbread and cone characters. The children became very interested in baby animals after reading this story and a book about farm animals during our Reading for Pleasure story time, so we had a science based afternoon finding out all about baby animals and their names, what they eat and how they grow.

IMG_20201124_134052[1].jpg   IMG_20201124_135829[1].jpg     IMG_20201125_094817[1].jpg   IMG_20201124_135822[1].jpgIMG_20201124_141459[1].jpg IMG_20201125_140408[1].jpg   



"I enjoyed painting robins using my fingerprints." - A

"I enjoyed listening to The Gingerbread Man story." - Amy

"I am very happy to be back at school!" -Nina

"Next time I play with the animals, I will put them into groups." - James

"I found out about baby pandas." - Roshan

"Unlocking the number padlock challenge was tricky and fun!" - Jamie

We have had some lovely photographs sent to our class email again this week. I have heard about Roshan planting bulbs in the garden with his dad and E has told me all about helping with her pony at the stables. The children love to discuss this together and it really sparks new interests. 

If you have any snapshots of learning that you can share please remember to email us at: