Feedback Friday

It is surprising how quickly Friday comes around each week! We have had another brilliant busy week in Class 1.

In maths this week, we have been learning about time, sequencing our school day and playing What time is it Mr Wolf in which we have been looking at o'clocks! 

We have learned all of our phase 2 sounds now and have been practising reading and writing words with them in. We have been focusing on the phase 2 tricky words - the to no go and I. The children now all have these sounds and tricky words in their wallets that they bring home with their reading books. The children are improving with their guided reading sessions in school. It is lovely to read the comments in the reading diaries about how they are enjoying reading with you at home. Please remember to write in the reading diary at least 3 times a week.

This week we have shared stories about Percy the Park Keeper and have looked at the signs of Autumn. We have collected Autumn leaves from our school grounds and have found lots of oak leaves and some acorns. We used Autumn colours to make an Autumn leaf prints. 

Many of the children have brought in favourite books and we have shared these stories at Story time. This has been a real highlight! Please remember to email us on the class email as we love to hear about playing and learning at home as well as in our classroom.

Please enjoy our photographs this week.

IMG_20201119_134235[1].jpg   IMG_20201119_134243[1].jpg

IMG_20201112_151338[1].jpg  IMG_20201116_145514[1].jpg   IMG_20201119_150023[1].jpg



"This week we have been making houses for the animals with the cones and seeing if they are too big!" - James and Jamie

" We found writing 2 and 3 tricky, but we didn't give up."- E,A and Alexis

"I want to make my own playdough next week." - Amy