Feedback Friday 25.3.22

What a lovely week it has been. Spring has sprung! We have been making the most of the sunshine this week with lots of outdoor learning.

This week in Reception we have been continuing our Spring learning and have been focusing on new life on the farm with a story called ‘Wake up time on Bumble Farm’. The children have also matched animals and their young, practising cutting skills. We have had some super writing about life on the farm and have been ordering animals by number to find missing numbers.

This week, we have been blending to read and segmenting to spell words containing our sounds of the week ‘igh’ and ‘oa’ and our tricky words be and was. We have been applying our phonics skills through our guided read ‘Jam Muffins.

In maths we have been recognising, continuing and creating repeating patterns.

Our Gallery!



Building a house.


Football on Madeley High field.


Matching animals and their young.


Patterns with bricks and decorating their house with paintbrushes and water!


Next week in Reception, we will be looking at the lifecycle of a duck through the story of Brenda’s Boring Egg.

Our sounds of the week next week are ‘oo’ (book) and ‘oo ‘ (moon)

Our tricky words are ‘my’ and ‘you’

In maths, we will be continuing to look at pattern.

Our guided read will be a non-fiction text Puffins