Feedback Friday 20/5/22

Hello everyone,

It was lovely to see you all again this morning. The children show such pride when looking at their work with you. It was also lovely that the siblings joined in too. We love to see them each week!

This week the children have enjoyed our Gruffalo story and have produced some lovely writing using their phonics and segmenting to spell. 

Gruffalo 1.jpg

Gruffalo 2.jpg                                                                      Gr 3.jpg

We have enjoyed singing and dancing to our doubles song learning our doubles by heart to develop fluency. We have been exploring numerical patterns using our five frames.


doubles 1.jpg                                     doubles 2.jpg


Next week, as you know is the Queen's  Jubilee. We are very much looking forward to the Tea Party and seeing you all. Thank you for your very kind donations of tea cups and teapots. Our learning next week will be based upon the jubilee and we will also continue looking at numerical patterns as well as our phonics sound 'er' and common exception words out and like.

Have a lovely weekend!