Feedback Friday

Hello everybody.

Friday already! In reception, we have had a very busy week. We have been learning new sounds f ff l ll ss and have been using all of our sounds to blend in our reading and segmenting to spell and write words. We are getting very good now! We have been finding 1 less and also taking away with our counters and cubes. 

We have been learning all about the Hindu Festival of Lights - Diwali this week. The children have loved listening to, discussing and retelling the story of Rama and Sita. We have looked at Diva lamps and created our own Rangoli patterns on our playground. 

IMG_20201111_140246[1].jpg    IMG_20201111_140259[1].jpg              IMG_20201111_140238[1].jpg   IMG_20201111_143222[1].jpg    IMG_20201111_143201[1].jpg     IMG_20201111_140315[2].jpg




"I loved reading in a group with Miss Bill." - James

"I brought a book about Diwali." - Roshan

"I brought my favourite story to read at story time."  -Nina

"I found my cutting out tricky, but I did it!" - Maisey

"I loved my Rangoli pattern" - Amy

"I found my letter s tricky" - Eadie

" I am learning my sounds." - Fynn

"I have been working hard with my sounds." - A