Feedback Friday 14.01.2022

Feedback Friday 14.01.2022

This week we have been learning about Winter. We investigated ice outside and then came inside to look at ice cubes and think of words to describe the. The children used some great describing words such as "cold" "freezing" "slippery" and "wet". We used a range of tools including warm water to melt it.  


On Tuesday the children made 'Good Listening' Headbands, we used these in our phonics lesson as we went for a listening walk around our surrounding area, we heard lots of different things. The birds were very chatty and we heard a van and a tractor as we got closer to the road. 



Next week we will moving on to using musical instruments in phonics, recognising numbers to 5 and our topic will be "How to Stay Healthy".

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.