Feedback Friday

Good morning everyone,

As we enter a second lockdown and things are very different and quite stressful for us grown ups, it is a pleasure to work with the children in Reception. It is such a happy, busy and vibrant place to be. All of the children have settled back in very well after our half term break. 

This week we have been practising our counting and comparing numbers using the five frames, cubes and Numicon. We have been completing our maths journals and being curious like our maths character Ash!

We have learned several new sounds this week h b f and have practised blending to read and segmenting to spell with lots of fun games. We have then applied our phonics to our writing about The Enormous Turnip. We segmented words to label characters from the story. We have also been blending sounds to read our new Guided reading books. 

In the afternoons, we have practised lots of skills and learned about Bonfire Night this week. Every day at the end of the day, we read a story, This is a lovely time and the children are enjoying an increasing range of books. If your child would like to bring a story into school for story time then send the book in with them with their name on it and we can share them together.

IMG_20201103_135050[1].jpg IMG_20201103_135338[1].jpg  IMG_20201103_134810[1].jpg  IMG_20201103_135652[1].jpg

IMG_20201103_140345[1].jpg   IMG_20201103_141635[1].jpg



" I have made a Bonfire picture" - Amy

" We want to make soup in the mud kitchen next week." - Jamie & James

"I liked telling the story about the turnip." - Roshan

" I found number 5 Numicon" - A

"I am much better at cutting out now!" - Alexis

" I found 5 a bit tricky!" - Eadie

" I enjoyed watching the fireworks on the board." - Minnie


Remember to send any snapshots of learning from home to and continue to access School Jam and Bug Club online.