Feedback Friday 01.10.2021

Feedback Friday 01.10.2021

As the weather has started to change we have decided to look at our new topic: Autumn. We asked the children what they already knew about Autumn to find out their prior knowledge; this helps us to plan the activities to ensure that they are of the children's interests as well as deepening their knowledge. 

We have sent home the Autumn Treasure Bags, and are very excited to see what everyone finds!


In maths the children have been focusing on number 4 and number 5. They have enjoyed using the concrete resources to help them match up numeral to quantity and have practiced number formation. 


In phonics we have been focusing on 's' and 'a', we have also done segmenting and blending to help build the foundations for reading. 

We have also had a lot of activities out to explore. 

IMG_0557[1].JPG IMG_0565[1].JPG IMG_0568[1].JPG

We look forward to another fun-filled week next week.