Feedback Friday 01.04.2022

Feedback Friday 01.04.2022

This week we have enjoyed doing Dough Disco every morning to help our fingers get really strong. In Phonics we have been learning about alliteration. 

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In maths we have started to learn about prepositions - (on, in, under, next to, behind and in front of).

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In Phonics we have been learning about alliteration. Our class text this week has been Brenda's Boring Egg. Throughout the week we have a number of activities relating to the text, including sequencing the story, answering questions, using the stick puppets and designing our own egg. 

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We enjoyed spending time outside, even though the weather hasn't been as lovely as last week. Some of the children found a very 'interesting' bug and wanted to look after it. 

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Some of our children were very lucky to join students from Madeley School in an Animal Handling session. The children got to see and touch some of the animals and they were very well behaved. 

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Another fabulous week in Nursery, hope everyone has a lovely weekend.