Feedback Friday

Good morning everybody.

We have enjoyed another busy week in Class 1! The children are really settling into routine now. It is lovely to see them all come into school with a smile, put away their own belongings and start their early work with very few reminders! 



In phonics this week we have learned new sounds of the week. m, d, g, o  We have been playing Buried treasure. We have blended sounds to read simple words with our new sounds in them. The children have all brought the new sounds home with their reading book to show you how well they are doing. 


This week we have been learning to sort objects into lots of different groups. The children especially loved sorting the animals. The children really thought about it and came up with very creative ways of sorting them such as animals with 2 legs and animals with 4 legs. They also grouped a sheep dog and a zebra together because they are both black and white! These animals have been sorted into stripy and not stripy! You can practise maths skills at home too by logging on to school jam and playing the games and watching the video clips.



We have also learned about parts of our bodies when learning about the world around us and ourselves. We ran around to make our hearts beat faster too!






Each Friday we use our thinking hats to discuss what we have learned, what we found tricky and what we would like to learn next week.


"This week I have learned to write the number 5" - Nina

"This week we have made faces to show our feelings" - Lexi

"I made my heart beat faster" - Fynn 

"We found the puzzles very tricky!" - Amy and Alexis

"I found it tricky to roll the ball in PE" - Jamie

"I found the cutting out a bit tricky" - A

"We want to be the doctor and nurse in the hospital role play. " - Minnie and Maisey

"We cabn make spooky recipes in the Mud Kitchen" - James

"I want to learn more letters next week." - Eadie

"I want to play Connect Four outside." - Roshan