Feedback Friday

Every Friday, Reception would like to show you what we have been learning. This week we have been very busy again! We have been reading using our phonics. We have had some new pocket books in school and we enjoyed saying our sounds and blending the sounds together to read. 


In maths we have met our new Power maths characters and we have been brave like Astrid and have been confident to have a go! We have been using our five frames and our Numicon to represent numbers count and compare amounts.


We have been very creative this week and have painted our own self portraits too. We enjoyed exploring what happens when colours are mixed and using the mirrors to look closely at our features that make us unique.




"I loved reading" - Maisey Rose

"I want to learn more tricky words" - Roshan

"I am going to use the Numicon again!" - James

" I loved painting me" - Lexi

Remember to send your own feedback about learning, playing and exploring at home to our class email -

The children love to celebrate achievements at home such as riding their bike, trying a new vegetable, caring for a pet and lots more!