DITTO - Online Safety Magazine September 2017

The September issue of the DITTO magazine can be downloaded here. This issue focuses on the following areas:

  • Is ‘safety’ still relevant?
  • Have I been ‘pwned’?
  • Critical thinking.
  • What is doxxing?
  • British values.
  • Sarahah app.

Alan Mackenzie, the writer of DITTO magazine, is very eager to engage parents in all matters of online safety. He believes that it is only through collobration between schools and parents that children can be equipped with the appropriate skills to remain safe online. Through parental feedback, the issue of online safety has been raised as an area for development. As a school, we aim to inform you about upcoming topics within online safety through our blogs and by signposting towards magazines such as this. We had also planned an online safety workshop for parents run by the NSPCC, however due to very poor numbers who were willing to attend, the NSPCC were unable to deliver this. We feel this was a great shame as it would have been a chance to engage in a range of issues that children face in the world of technology.