CPA Family Learning Workshop

Class 1 have had a fantastic mathematical morning today! Thank you to the parents who came back to school for a maths lesson! I think you had lots of fun. I know that the children certainly enjoyed sharing their learning and new skills. Mrs Fowler and I were so proud of the children as they were able to articulate their learning and the behaviour as always was excellent.


Our mums did some learning on the Smart board.


We showed our mums how to use our Numicon!

large_IMG_20181114_093728.jpg  large_IMG_20181114_093738.jpg  large_IMG_20181114_093810.jpg large_IMG_20181114_093906.jpg  large_IMG_20181114_093920.jpg


We used the large foam Numicon tiles to represent different numbers outside.


We used the Numicon tiles to print with too.

We hope that the workshop gave you an overview of the CPA approach at The Meadows and how it enables pupils to develop conceptual understanding. It is good that parents are confident in supporting children in their learning. Please do not hesitate to come into school and speak to us if you hve any questions. 


"We loved painting with our mummy" - Annie and Edward

" I enjoyed making numbers with Numicon. My mummy said the numbers and we made them." - Teddy

" My mummy did Numicon with us. " - Amelia

"I loved painting numbers" - Peter

"I liked the painting with my mummy." - Flo

" I loved the Numicon and the new number posters outside" - Aisha - Mae