Computing Club

Today the children were introduced to the website: Mozilla Thimble. This allows children to explore and edit HTML through remixing. We begin with a basic web-page (Keep Calm and Carry On). Below are some of the examples:

Sky, Porsha and Maisie


Alexi, Orpah and Zac

alexi zac orpah.png

Amy and Christi

amy and christi.png

The children have also attempted to edit a simplified Facebook template. We will be using this later in the term to address online safety and the dangers of commenting.

pupil voice.png

"Today we were using Thimble and HTML. I had lots of fun even though it was a bit tricky," - Amy (CL4)

"What we have done today is used Thimble to edit images and writing on a website. We also changed the background colours," - Orpah (CL3)

"We have been working on Mozilla Thimble and we have been editing websites (and creating our own)! We have used other websites as our inspiration," Christi (CL3)