Class 4's Trip to Kilnworx Climbing Centre and Trentham Gardens


During the course of yesterday, Class 4 were lucky enough to visit Kilnworx Climbing Centre and Trentham Gardens. At 9:30AM, Class 4 boarded the bus and left for Kilnworx. We started off being split into two groups, one of which played games on the traversing wall, and the others started to climb wearing harnesses. After thirty minutes, the two groups switched. At the end. we played a really fun game called shark attack, applying the climbing and traversing skills which we had been taught! 


After over an hour of climbing, the students were transported to Trentham Gardens, where we took part in many activities, from a maze to the Barefoot Walk. The children went through stones, water, rubber and even thick oozy mud - every child enjoyed it! They all got really muddy and wet and most of their feet were aching at the end. Some of the children went round the course 5 times in total because they enjoyed it so much. 






 Afterwards we bought ice-cream or a Slush Puppy as a delicious treat. Then, after we had played on the adventure playground again, we began our  walk through the sensory gardens (in which we could smell, listen and touch different plants) and the Italian gardens. During our walk, we visited the ruins of the old mansion, we walked past two fountains, as well exploring an area full of gorgeous scenery such as canopies of trees, and huge plots of grass alongside a huge river.







Here are some quotes from the students of class 4:

‘I enjoyed spending time with my class mates, as well as the joyful experience of the year sixes last ever trip in The Meadows’ Abigail (Year 6)

‘I loved all the scenery and how engaged everyone was.’ Isaac (Year 5)

By Joe and Poppy