Class 4 Geography - Trade

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n Geography, Cl4 have enjoyed learning about Trade and Economics. In our unit, we have been learning about:

  • Import and exports in the UK and other nations world wide.
  • Trade in the banana and coffee industry.
  • Fair trade and its impact upon individuals, organisations and communities.
  • Globalisation and multinational trading companies. We have explored the impact of multinational companies, such as McDonalds and Nike, on local companies and communities across the world.

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As Geographers, we have been developing our use of precise geographical language, particularly when debating issues involved with trade and economics. We have improved our use of an atlas in order to identify countries across the world and the products that they trade. We have also enjoyed exploring how interdependent countries across the world are.

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Pupil Voice


What have you learnt this unit of work?

Codie H – “I can now identify how fair trade can affect people around the world, including the people who grow products, companies that sell products and those that ship them across the world.”

Zac – “I have learnt about trade and how important it is for us to have access to products like bananas, which we don’t grow in our company. I now know that the materials and parts that are used to make come pairs of jeans come from all around the world and then are made in Turkey.”

Christi – “I have learnt how countries need to import things for example bananas because we can’t grow them here due to our climate.”


How have you developed as a Geographer?

Erin – “I am much better at look for countries on a map.”

Lucas – “I have improved because I am able to identify how fair-trade affects all of the people involved in the production of certain items.”

Dylan – “I have identified the positives and negatives of globalisation.”