Class 4 First Aid Training


As part of our new PSHE curriculum, last Friday Class 4 had the opportunity to participate in a first aid training session delivered by Simon from Flat Stan.  The purpose of the session was to provide pupils with the basic principles of first aid. This is so that they can feel confident about helping someone who is hurt, upset or poorly, in particular their families, friends and neighbours.


Throughout the session, Simon reinforced the importance of getting the right help for people. Some ways that the children were told about how to get help was:

  • By shouting help.
  • By getting an adult.
  • Get a friend.
  • By calling 999 to ask for an adult.

The children were reminded to stay calm, particularly when speaking to the ambulance service, and to pass on as much information as they could.




The session was very hands on and interactive. Pupils had the opportunity to explore:

  1. How to deal with nose bleeds.
  2. What to do if someone is lying on the floor.
  3. What to do if someone is not breathing.
  4. How to help someone chocking.
  5. What to do if someone gets burnt or has a lump or bump.





By the end of the session, the pupils felt so much more confident about dealing with first aid. They were encouraged to make sure they share their knowledge with their families and friend so that this would benefit the whole community. What a great way for our pupils to make a positive contribution to our school and local community.

Pupil Voice

Orpah: 'I enjoyed it because it was a fun way to remember what to do when someone is hurt.'

Indigo: 'It was good because I found out useful information for example what to do when someone has a nose bleed.'

Maisie: 'When you have a nose bleed, you shouldn't tilt your head backwards because the blood will drop down your throat. You should put your head forward.'

Christi: 'We were told that we are the most important, so we need to keep ourselves safe before helping someone else. We can call help to get the person the help they need.'

Lucas: 'If someone is coughing, say they have accidently swallowed something, then tilt them slightly forwards and hold them. Tell them to cough. Then with the palm of your hand, hit them between the shoulder blades. If they are still coughing, you put your arms across their stomach to force the air out.'