Class 4 E-library


Class 4 have loved exploring our new e-library resource together this week. We had the opportunity to go onto the platform together, share our choices of texts with our friends and help each other out with how to decide on a book to select from the huge range! We couldn't believe how many amazing books there are for us to borrow! From David Walliams, J K Rowling, to JRR Tolkien, Liz Pichion and Rick Riordan - so many fabulous authors to choose from!


We are looking forward to using this fabulous resource at home and sharing our choice of books with our families. Mrs Kuffour is particulary jealous that it is aimed at children as she would like to borrow books too! 

Don't forget to login on the site below to loan you books. You can choose two and will have access to them for 2 weeks.