Class 4 'Be Yourself' PSHE Unit

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Last half term, in Class 4 we have been exploring the importance of being yourself in our PSHE lessons. During the course of the unit, we have:

  • Celebrated our uniqueness, identifying the great things about ourselves including our talents, our hobbies and our characters.
  • Explored our feelings and the importance of dealing with negative feelings so that they don’t  impact upon our mental and physical health.
  • Identified things that worry us and how we can deal with our worries to ensure that they do not grow out of control.
  • Recognised uncomfortable feelings we sometimes have (such as anger or fear), thinking about situations that make us feel this way. We have created strategies to help us to manage our uncomfortable emotions so that we can have a positive mental health.
  • Explored situations where we make mistakes and the importance of accepting responsibility for our actions as well as making amends in order to help us to move on.

I have been so impressed with how reflective and open the children have been. We have had lots of opportunities to make links with how our ‘Secrets of Success’ and our system of reflection enable us to develop and grow as individuals. We have also thought about how important our mistakes and failing are for helping us to improve and be truly successful.

Here are some examples of the work we have produced:










Pupil Voice


What is special and unique about you?

Isla - "I have green and blue eyes. Also I like doing gymnastics."

Jake - "I like doing lots of strategy games such as chess. I like doing Maths becuase I like spotting patterns and I am good at it."

Orpah - "I am good a gymnastics."

Belle - "I am very brave. I like horse riding and I am very good at swimming."

Emily - "I have MPS. I love going to Cubs and Swimming. I am also a big Stoke fan."


What advice could you give yourself to help you manage your emotions?

Tom - "Listen to music - it will help you calm down."

Jess - "I would talk to an adult about it. I would try and calm myself down and this about something else."

Alexi - "I would go an tell a friend or an adult that I can trust. They can help me to sort it outand feel better."

Archie - "Tell an adult how you are feeling."


Why is it important to deal with negative and uncomfortable feelings?

JJ - "Because then we feel what it is like for other people. We can try and help eachother out."

Orpah - "Becuase if you don't manage your emotions, it will affect your mental health."

Christi - "It is important because if you don't, it could build up and the problem will seem worse than it really is. You need to tell someone about it otherwise it won't get sorted and you will keep on having the same feelings."


Why is it important to reflect on your mistakes?

Jake - "So that we can learn in furture and not make the same mistake again."

Tizzy - "So that you can move on from them, forget about them and not do it again."

Archie - "If you don't then you might make the same mistake again. Then you will always think that you are right when you actually aren't. You need to reflect."