Class 2's snake visitor

Today we were very lucky to have a corn snake brought into school for us to find out about and see. In our science lessons we have been learning about different types of animals, their habitats and what they eat, including studying reptiles. We were given interesting information and had opportunity to ask questions, such as:

  • How do you look after a corn snake?
  • What does it eat and how often?
  • Where does it exercise?
  • What is it's home like?
  • How much has it grown and will it grow more?
  • Why does it shed skin and how often?
  • Where do they live in the wild?
  • Do they bite or squeeze their food?


The children were really interested to learn about the snake and were able to apply their science knowledge to help them understand it, including why it needed to be kept warm, the fact that it is a carnivore if it eats mice and what it's habitat would be like.

We were shown different snake skins that had been shed so we were able to see just how much the snake has grown so far. It was fascinating that you could see where its eyes were and moutjh on the snake skin and we had a really close up view of the scales:


We also had opportunity to touch the animal if we wanted to and were amazed at how soft and smooth it was:


Thank you very much to Mrs Barnes for sharing your pet with us. We really learnt a lot.


Alfie - "I liked learning about how it ate its food."

Vivien - "It was really good seeing what the snake felt like."

Henry - "I wanted to know where the snake lived in the wild and could see how it camouflaged with its colour like corn."