Class 1 Enjoy Christmas Biscuits

This morning Class 1 have had an exciting day. First our parents came in to see our lovely work and share our learning. Then we made our mummies and daddies work very hard. They had to do a phonics lesson with us! We learned about the digraph "ch". We are so proud of our parents and carers. Because we had worked so hard together, we all deserved a treat. So Stella from AIP came into school to help us decorate some yummy Christmas biscuits. We were very creative with icing of different colours and sprinkles! We learnt how to mix icing and add red and green. When we had finished we were allowed to eat them. The mummies and daddies and Olivia's gran all enjoyed a biscuit and a cup of coffee. The children all enjoyed their milk with biscuits. Please enjoy looking at our photographs. We were very kind and shared with Mrs Procter who loves a sweet treat on a Friday! As always our behaviour was excellent and we had lots of Dojos. Parents were all very good and listened carefully too!

IMG_20181207_094651.jpgIMG_20181207_101514.jpgIMG_20181207_101521.jpgIMG_20181207_101527.jpgIMG_20181207_101627.jpg IMG_20181207_095048.jpg









"Mummy helped Amy with her biscuit because she is that little. I am a big girl, I had a star." - Lily

"I worked with Aisha - Mae's mummy. I made a Christmas tree with marshmallows and sprinkles." - Harvey

"My star biscuit tasted yummy. I had lots of icing, 100 marshmallows and 100 sprinkles!" -  Olivia

"I decorated my Christmas tree. I used green, red and white icing." - William