Cl 4 Bikeability September 2021

This month, all pupils in Class 4 have had the opportunity to develop to participate in Bikability. During these sessions, they developed their cycling proficiency and well as their awareness of how to stay safe on the roads. The course was also a great way for pupils to gain confidence in their cycling, become independent cyclists and they were able to reflect on how biking is a great way to develop their physical fitness.  

During their sessions, the children completed one of the following courses:

Level 1 (Year 5)

Pupils learnt to:

  • Maintain your cycle: make sure your ride is in tip-top condition and make simple repairs
  • Glide: smooth, calm and collected
  • Control your bike: including setting off, cruising, slowing down, braking and stopping. You’ll even learn to pedal one handed!
  • Pedal: without feeling wobbly or out of control
  • Be aware of your surroundings: looking behind and turning around obstacles.

Level 2 (Year 6)

Pupils learnt to:

  • Start and stop with more confidence.
  • Pass stationary vehicles parked on a road.
  • Understand the road: signals, signs and road markings.
  • Negotiate the road: including quiet junctions, crossroads and roundabouts.
  • Share the road with other vehicles.

They had a fantastic time and the instructors were exceptionally complimentary about their excellent learning behaviours and manners. Well done Class 4 - you were excellent role models of behaviour and you did us proud.

Mrs Kuffour