Christmas week Feedback Friday

Merry Christmas everybody!

We have had a lovely  week here at school. We have been learning festive phonics and Christmas counting! We have listened to the Christian story of the Nativity and performed our Christmas song for the Meadows Christmas video. It has been a different kind of Christmas and we have certainly had to think creatively to make this Christmas extra special for our children, but we have! The children have as always been amazing and had lots of fun! 

   IMG_20201215_101023[1].jpg   IMG_20201211_120226[1].jpgIMG_20201217_115845[1].jpg    IMG_20201217_123059[1].jpg    IMG_20201216_111916[1].jpg    



"I am going to tell my mummy that I have had so much fun at school today!" - Minnie

"Me too, And me, And me..." - all of the class!

So from all of the children and staff in Class 1 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!