Christmas Tea Party

Today I had the pleasure of eating cakes with a group of children who deserve a special award for their continued outstanding efforts with home learning tasks.  This is an opportunity to acknowledge that so many of our children have developed excellent learning habits at home.  They not only complete set tasks to a very high standard, but do so with a smile and great pride. They take enjoyment in knowing they have tried their very best and are nudging their learning forward both at home and at school.  Such intrinsic motivation is a key factor of success and will prepare our children for life beyond primary school.  Examples of outstanding  home learning this time were:


* A diary that is completed every day with detailed comments. We can see questions that have been asked and how a child's understanding of the text is being developed as well as decoding.

* Completing additional tasks and bringing them into school to share.

* Visiting museums or other places of interest and presenting a short report about their trip.

* Additional handwriting practice at home using Letter Join.

* Completing book reviews at home.

* Consistent neat presentation of written tasks.

* Independent research undertaken.

Well done to Lottie, Porsha, Archie, Alice, Tilly, Kiri, Henry, Jake G, Ellenor, Maisie and Sadie.  

"I always do extra maths at home. I like learning the  3 x table"-  Ellenor

"It helps you to be more fluent with recall.  The more your read, the more pleasure you get from it" - Jake G

" I do extra spellings because I want to improve." - Lottie

" I read everyday and record it in my diary. My mum and dad ask questions about what we have read" - Sadie

" I read lots of books at home. I like learning at home too." - Henry