Children In Need

As ever, the children rose to the occassion of raising money by wearing yellow! They were very excited when they came into school this morning and we had several Pudsey's wandering around the school (Mrs Procter included)! Below you can find several photographs from the day:


IMG_20171117_141042.jpg IMG_20171117_141452.jpg

IMG_20171117_141253.jpg IMG_20171117_141442.jpg


The children we very engaged during assembly and all understood the importance of Children in Need. Their donations today raised £103 so thank you for your support. We will also be adding to this amount with our toy sale.


Our competition winners for the Pudsey competition can be found below:

launch assembly 3-7.jpg

Well done Zachary and Gracie!

pupil voice.png

"We raised money by dressing up in Pudsey things (headbands, costumes) or wearing the colour yellow. We also had the chance to raise money by entering the competition" - Finlay.

"We have done a Children in Need day because there are children in the world that have tragic things happen to them. It is a good time to reflect on children going through difficult times and to also be grateful for what we have at The Meadows" - Jake G