The Characteristics of a Designer - Class 3

In our English unit this term, we have been looking at the power of advertising. We have identified the features in written adverts as well as visual adverts (to selling Cadbury’s chocolate to the Boss Baby trailer). We have been teaching the children to think rather cynically about advertising—and they all realise that most adverts are attempting to persuade us to purchase something. They have begun to produce their own advert for a magic wand and have been applying their computing skills in this. Below are several photographs of the children filming. We hope to share our adverts with you when they are complete.


 821.jpg 822.jpg

We also had the pleasure this week of Mr Daniels coming in to discuss the differences between an ‘artist’ and a ‘commercial’ artist. We thought this was an excellent opportunity for the children to realise where their artistic talents could lead them, and it allowed them to put their skills into a real life context. They were given a ‘brief’ from the ‘client’ (Mr Daniels) to create create packaging to sell cereal. They were given a further challenge as their packing had to appeal to both boys and girls.

833.jpg 827.jpg

856.jpg 844.jpg


pupil voice.png

“An artist is someone who creates work for fun… a commercial artist creates something to sell” – Archie

“This packaging appeals to children because it has a cartoon bee. It all shows that it could be healthy because of the nature on the packaging” - Kayden

“This packaging appeals to adults because of the fruit as well as the title: Benefit” – Amelia

“It was good that Mr Daniels came in because he was a professional and he gave us some advice about creating different packaging and tips if we wanted to become a commercial artist” - Annabelle


Thank you Mr Daniels for coming into our class and creating an engaging activity for the children! They thoroughly enjoyed the activity! We are hoping to continue this with other professions over the next year. Please contact the school if this would interest you.