Carnival of the Animals

As part of our transition activities in Class 1 and 2, we had a lovely musical afternoon. We played some warm up games to warm our muscles and voices ready for an afternoon of singing. We played a body percussion game in which we had to sing about bananas. Then we introduced and changed the pitch. After that we exercised our vocal skills with a silly tongue twister! We then represented animal sounds and movements using pitch, tempo and volume.

In the second part of the afternoon, we listened to 'Carnival of the Animals' by the composer Camille Saint-Saëns. We listened to each peice of music and with a partner, we guessed which animal was being represented! Some children were excellent at this. They were able to articulate their reasons using musical vocabulary.

"I think it is a swan!" - L

" Yes it sounds as if it is gliding." - Ruby

"It is a low pitch, It is an elephant" - Tilly

"I think it is fast and it sounds like butterfly wings fluttering" - Ellenor

"Oh yes, I can hear a cukoo sound" - T

Later we represented our own animals using instruments such as a tambourine as a bird, a triangle as a tiny mouse and guiro as a frog. We also danced using gliding, fluttering, slithering and crawling movements. As well as using our musical and dance skills, the children showed great understanding of others as they worked very well in small groups and listened to the views and ideas of others. Our Reception children are ready to fly the nest!