Brilliant Books Week Class 4

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Last week, Class 4 explored the Brilliant Book called ‘Cloud Tea Monkeys’. This was written by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham and contains wonderful illustrations by Juan Wijngaard, which have certainly captivated Class 4’s imagination. The story is set in a small village in the Himalayan mountains. The main character is Tashi, who lives in a tiny village below the tea plantations where her mother earns a living. One day her mother falls ill, and Tashi must pick tea to earn the money for a doctor. However, she is too small to reach the tender shoots and the cruel Overseer sends her away empty-handed. Tashi needs a miracle, and that is what she gets – a troop of friendly monkeys help her by filing her basket with the most precious and rare tea found on the rocky crags high up on the mountain.

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During the course of the week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the text and the country and culture where it is set. As readers they have learnt to:

  • Infer meaning about the characters from the text
  • Use drama to explore the nature of characters from the text
  • Retrieve information from the text
  • Describe their opinion of a character, justifying their answer
  • Compare two characters
  • Make predictions based on clues in the text

In English, the children also had the opportunity to be Royal Tea-Tasters. They weren’t keen on all of the variety of teas they tried unfortunately!




As writers, they have been:

  • Recognising and using figurative language to describe
  • Generating figurative language to describe
  • Using their red hat thinking in order to explore the emotions of the characters
  • Recording their ideas in different ways, to fit a specific audience and purpose
  • Writing from the perspective of the main character

In addition, we have also been exploring the text in our Geography and PSHE lessons. As geographers, we have:

  • Identified areas on maps where tea is grown
  • Explored the physical features of countries where tea is grown such as their climate
  • Explored the teas making process, including how it is picked

In PSHE, we looked at the concept of stewardship. We explored the importance of looking after the world in which we live, as well as the animals and plant life that is grown here. The children created their own logos to represent stewardship.

The children created so much amazing work last week – here are some examples:









For more examples of the work that we have been doing, please feel free to pop in to look at Class 4's Brilliant Book on display.