Brilliant Books: Excitable Edgar

Our Brilliant Books text this term was Excitable Edgar (the text based off the John Lewis advert). Our Brilliant Book texts are there to promote reading across the curriculum, highlight the many reading skills needed, as well as to deepen our understanding. These are usually texts that are very visual, too. The children were very excited about getting to know Edgar a little better across the curriculum.

The children have produced some fantastic pieces of work from this and have truly enjoyed exploring Edgar in PSHE, Geography, Science, Computing, Art and Design as well as in their Big Writes. A few examples of work can be found below:

IMG_0467.JPG IMG_0459.JPG

IMG_0461.JPG IMG_0463.JPG

IMG_0465.JPG IMG_0466.JPG

Our Writing for Pleasure this term could also be themed around Edgar. While the children in KS2 have free choice over what they write, a lot of them used the stimulus of Edgar. In KS1, the children wrote letters. Below are a few examples of our Writing for Pleasure.

The children in Class 2 also wrote invitations to Seabridge Primary to invite the ACTUAL Edgar to come and visit! We are excited to see him in school soon.

Characteristics of a Reader

  • Fluency and accuracy in reading across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum.
  • Knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary.
  • The motivation to read for both study and for pleasure.
  • Extensive knowledge through having read a rich and varied range of texts.

The children embodied many of the characteristics of a Reader this week, but above are the ones that were very prevalent. All of the children have an excellent understanding of Reading for Pleasure and many chose to read Excitable Edgar in their free reading time (as shown on Twitter recently). There was a lot of rhyme and poetic form within the text, too, and this allowed the children to extend their vocabulary, which we are currently promoting with our use of Words of the Week. Lastly, we love exposing the children to a range of new text especially ones that capitalise on current affairs. I think we can all agree that the John Lewis advert is becoming a popular Christmas tradition.

Characteristics of PSHE

  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Being a good citizien

Our focus in PSHE was to focus on how the characters were feeling in the advert and text. It is very emotive in places and it was easy to relate to the character of Ava. The children were able to understand why Edgar felt the way he did, but suggested strategies instead of running off when he was embarrassed.

pupil voice.png

“I have learnt a lot from Edgar. Sometimes he isn’t always brave and can get embarrassed, but he redeems himself at the end by going to the towns meeting,” – Jesse

“He has a lot of passion for Christmas! A bit like me,” – Adam

“I enjoyed watching the clip at home and it was really entertaining. That’s why I chose to paint him in our art lesson about Michelangelo,” – Charlie

“We have created a picture of Edgar in our computing lesson by writing an algorithm,” Ellenor and Poppy G