Brilliant Books

This term we have introduced Chris Quigley’s ‘Brilliant Books’. The purpose of this scheme is to introduce the children to popular books from around the world. It is also to encourage cognitive challenge at a range of abilities, and to unravel and understand a text in a range of new and different ways. Below you can see examples of the collection of work that has built up in each class. These are available for the children to read during Reading for Pleasure.

Class 2

IMG_20181219_110105.jpg IMG_20181219_110131.jpg

IMG_20181219_110147.jpg IMG_20181219_110223.jpg

IMG_20181219_110246.jpg IMG_20181219_110257.jpg

Class 3

IMG_20181219_105629.jpg IMG_20181219_110028.jpg





Class 4

IMG_20181219_105751.jpg IMG_20181219_105814.jpg


IMG_20181219_105803.jpg IMG_20181219_105819.jpg