Bread Shaping and Flavour Sampling

Our topic this term in Design and Technology is 'The Great British Bread Off'. The children have researched and sampled different Warburtons bread products, as well as the history of the brand. This week the children worked with salt dough to practise shaping their bread making techniques. They were very inventive and enjoyed the process of evaluating and recreating their design. They also applied their mathematical knowledge with taking accurate measurements.

Below you can see some images of the process.




Today the children sampled different ingredients to decide what they would like to use to flavour their bread. There were some obvious choices such as chocolate and raisins, and some more unique... like jalapenos and curry powder! I was so proud of the children as they all tried the different ingredients (apart from the chillis... though most of the children gave these a good go)! Below you can find some images.



The jalapenos had mixed reactions...



I have also updated the Class 3 Gallery page to include images from the day here.


"I like the texture of the mango," - Jessica

"I will NOT be using jalapeños!" - Saphira