Bon jour!

The children who have attended language club have loved learning languages, in particular French. It has been good for me too as I was a little rusty, but it is true that it all comes back to you as you use it again!

The children have learned how to say hello, goodbye, please and thank you in French as well as ordering our favourite French food on French cafe day. We listened to and translated the story of "Little Red Riding Hood". The children were able to act out parts of the story in French too!

We visited France with "Barnaby Bear" and spoke French with the characters from "Sac Magic!" We also learned how to count to 20 in French, name our favourite colours, members of our family, name our pets, parts of our body and rooms in our house. 

As the weather hopefully warms up, I will be running a Keep Fit club which will instill healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle, but language club will return next academic year. The children will also have the opportunity to practise their newly acquired language skills through topics in the classroom and activities such as music, answering the register and greeting guests. So Au Revoir for now!"