Blue Cross Talk in Class 4 by Belle and Scarlett

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Yesterday, a lady named Nancy came in from the Blue Cross to do an assembly about how to be a responsible dog owner; this was particularly useful because a lot of people own a dog in our class. The assembly emphasised how incredible dogs are because of the ways in which they help us and their phenomenal capabilities.

However, Nancy did also talk to us about the negatives of some dog: they can be very vicious and dangerous. She did reinforce this is caused mostly by the irresponsible ownership of dogs. So what would an irresponsible dog owner do? Examples include:

  • not feeding your dog
  • not taking it on walks (going outside)
  • dog fouling – which is a biohazard
  • owning too many unwanted dogs
  • owning scary dogs (and trying to train them), which would also not put you at risk but put others at risk
  • not washing your dog
  • keeping them in a small space as it would stress them out.

In addition, Nancy talked to us about dangerous dogs, which you require a licence for, otherwise they are illegal. Three breeds include: Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Pitbull Terrier. If you own one of these dogs, they must but kept within your household and must not be taken out in public. We were particularly surprised to hear that if your dog bites someone, the owner can be sent to prison for five years!

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Not only was the talk very interesting, but it also brought home to use how important it is to look after our pets and treat them with respect. Also that we are responsible for our dogs and their actions, therefore must always take our role seriously.

By Annabelle and Scarlett

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“I liked this because I got to understand about dogs more. I have been more use to cats and it has really helped me to understand more in that area.” - Jake. G

“It was surprising that dogs could be vicious and could possibly hurt you. It was interesting learning about the different characteristics of a dog too. ” – Amelia

“It was good that we learnt how to stay safe when we see dogs and what to do if they are running up to us.” – Orpah

“We learnt that some dogs can be very aggressive when you don’t treat them very well. Also, not to get too close to their faces as they might snap at you.” - Scarlett