Bikeability -Year 5

During the course of Monday and Tuesday, pupils in Year 5 had the opportunity to participate in 'Bikeability' - a course designed to enable children to be safe when cycling on the roads. 

After they had met their instructor Jane, they were shown how to check their bikes (something which they should do every time they use them). They had to check the ABCDs, which stand for:

Air - Check that your tyres feel hard.

Brakes -Make sure both brakes stop the wheels from turning.

Chain - Ensure the chain runs smoothly.

Direction - Check that the handle bars are facing the right direction. 

Following this, the children learnt how to start and end their road journey safely, encouraging them to make good observations about what is around them including any hazards, other road users and making judgements about time and space on the road. 

The children were also taught about:

  • Major and minor roads.
  • Who has the right of way.
  • The correction position to be in when riding on a road (secondary position) or when taking over parked cars or turning at a junction (primary position).

  • How to make U-Turns safely.

  • How to approach and exit different types of junctions.

During the course of the sessions, Myself and Mrs Magee were exceptionally proud of the children and their behaviour. They concentrated hard, showed excellent manners and listening skills and fought their fears. Jane praised them for their exemplary behaviour! Well done children.

Mrs Kuffour

 pupil voice.png

"It was really fun because we learnt lots of things we didn't know for example you shouldn't put your bike down on the ground on the chain side as it might brake your bike. It will help us keep safe on the road." Matilida

"It was really good as on-one gave up or crashed! It will help em because now I can go out and cycle on the road safely and show my friends what I have learnt. " Jake R