Bikeability Class 4


At the start of last week, pupils in Y5 had the opportunity to participate in Bikeability. They had a wonderful time (and glorious weather) learning about how to cycle safely and responsibly on the roads. 


At the start of their two day session, they began by learning how to check that their bikes are safe to cycle before they set off. This check is called the ABC, which stands for Air, Brakes and Chain. 


Following this they learnt how to safely set off on the road, using the life saver look to check that no vehicles are coming. They then practised u turns and the primary and secondary positions in the road, which help to tell other vehicles their intentions. Also, they learnt what position to get into when going past a parked vehicle safely. 



After they had mastered these skills, they looked at cycling from minor to major roads, and vice versa, and explored different types of junctions. 

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Gareth, who was exceptionally impressed with their exemplary behaviour and particularly their care and support for one another. As always, hearing such wondeful comments makes me incredibly proud to be their teacher!


All pupils passed their course and were presented with their certificates and badges in our celebrations assembly on  Friday. 

Well done children. 

Mrs Kuffour