Behaviour and Welfare Meeting

Submitted by Academy Council on 16th December 2017

Focus – Pupil Voice

School Development Priority 3

Last week after our usual Behaviour and Welfare meeting with Mrs Procter and Mrs Kuffour, I was able to meet the School Ambassadors from Year 6 and the  Behaviour Mentors from Year 6 also.  

I was interested to discuss with them their reasons for volunteering for these posts and what it meant to them.  It is all part of The Meadows’ clear strategy to foster pupil leadership skills and develop responsibility for their own behaviour and learning.  They all had a very clear idea of what was expected of them and the various ways in which they could help others.  Without fail, they all recognised where their responsibilities lay and who they needed to contact if they were faced with a problem/situation that required additional help.  They were very informed of the benefits of the Reflection Sheet and all felt that the Prompt Sheet was a very useful tool to support other pupils who needed more scaffolding.

Not only is pupil voice evidenced through blogs and newsletters, but they also have a presence in the local community.  Mrs Procter explained that they were such a valued asset to the school and were getting involved in organising their own fundraising efforts as well as contributing to other school activities. She is hoping that there will be opportunities for them to use the Radio Station resources at Seabridge school.  

Recently they were challenged with the task of making a contribution to the school’s focus on Anti- Bullying. This is part of a national theme – “All Different, All Equal.” They had prepared their own assembly and researched the impact of the lessons upon pupils through questionnaires. They have been around each class and collected samples of the excellent work produced.

 I was so impressed by the way they all wanted to help others through their commitment and support and I hoped that they would be given additional dojos for helping others in their own time.  I shall look forward to hearing how they got involved in The Nativity when I meet them again.   Well done everybody.  You are doing an awesome job.

Ann Spilsbury

Chair of the Academy Council