Beach Day - CL1 & CL2

Last Thursday, Reception and Class 2 had a fantastic beach day here at the Meadows. Throughout the day we took part in lots of beach related activities, whcih linked to our Geography and History work on going to the beach, looking at how beach holidays have changed and coastal areas in the United Kingdom.

Our first treat was a magic show and Punch and Judy. We made rabbits appear out of hats, changed the colour of handkerchiefs and even had balloon animals. Mr Punch was very naughty though, along with a number of sneaky animal puppets!

At break time, we had a picnic on the beach and sat on our beach towels. We used our imagination and enjoyed some healthy fruity cocktails! After that. we all went and played some fun holiday games such as skittles, giant Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Inflatable darts and bean bag target throw. We made super sandcastles and enjoyed playing in the paddling pools.

For dinner, we were all treated to Fish and Chips by Mrs Panagi from the Village Chippy in Audlem. There were lots of empty boxes at the end so I think we enjoyed them!

Finally, we had a delicious Ice cream from the Ice Cream Van with a big flake!

It was a really lovely day, which everyone really enjoyed. All of the children made us proud with the outstanding behaviour. Well done to everyone.


More photos can be found here.

pupil voice.png

Bryce said, "My Grandad thought we were going to the beach, but really the beach came to us!"

Jesse said, "Me and Poppy are sunbathing and it's brilliant!"

Max said, "I hope everyone likes these fish and chips. They're from my Mum and Dad's Chippy!"

Liam said about his ice cream, "It's all over my nose!"

Jessica was surprised to win a prize and told everyone: "I can shout the loudest!" when the Puinch and Judy show was on.