Assembly: Internet Legends

Today the children were introduced to the Internet Legends game "Interland". The game is made up of a series of different Interland Islands. In order to get through to these islands, the children have to answer a range of online safety questions to avoid falling in the Phishing River. We managed to score 240 this time around... it might have become a little tense when the time limit was applied. The islands are based around the five new pillars of our online safety curriculum:


Good (and bad) news travels fast online, and without some forethought, kids can find themselves in tricky situations that have lasting consequences. The solve? Learning how to share with those they know and those they don’t.


It’s important to help kids become aware that people and situations online aren’t always as they seem. Discerning between what’s real and what’s fake is a very real lesson in online safety.


Personal privacy and security are just as important online as they are offline. Safeguarding valuable information helps kids avoid damaging their devices, reputations, and relationships.


One lesson that applies to any and all encounters of the digital kind: When kids come across something questionable, they should feel comfortable talking to a trusted adult. Adults can support this behavior by fostering open communication at home and in the classroom.


The Internet is a powerful amplifier that can be used to spread positivity or negativity. Kids can take the high road by applying the concept of “treat others as you would like to be treated” to their actions online, creating positive impact for others and disempowering bullying behavior.


Each area is represented by a digital creature. You will see these creatures popping up around school in the near future. More information about this will be on our website shortly. Below you can find some pupil voice about playing the game.

pupil voice.png

"I liked that it wasn't just an action game. You learnt lots too!" - Charlie

"The questions were actually tricky and challenging," - Ellenor

"It was a fun way to learn," - Saphira