Animal Jam - Restricting Chat Features

We have had several comments regarding the children's use of the chat feature in this game. Below you can find several ways to make the game safer for your child. While there is no way of blocking the chat feature entirely, there are ways to make it safer. 

There are three options for chatting on this website:

Bubble Chat

If your child is using this website, we feel this is the safest option to use. It allows the children to use the chat feature but only with a list of given phrases.


Restricted Chat

This is the default setting for all free accounts. It allows children to chat to their friends. It does limit their use of words. We still feel this is not as safe and secure as Bubble Chat.


Safe Chat

We feel this is not the most appropriate setting to be using with your child. It allows them to type freely and does not restrict what words they can use. It is also worth noting that this is an option for paid users only.


For more information, you can also use this website.

Today we have stressed the importance of not talking to strangers online. All of the children in KS2 discussed the potential dangers and what they had to do in order to combat these. They were very knowledgeable already on this matter due to prior discussion. However, filtering and monitoring at home still needs to be robust in order to ensure the children remain safe. We have also discussed that the children should only ever sign up to these websites with parental permission and with their parents' email address.  For Animal Jam, there is also the option of using the parent account. The Parent Dashboard (further information can be found here) allows you to do the following things with your child's account;

     - Password resets
     - Player account enabling/disabling
     - Login history
     - Discipline history and current account status
     - Chat option (Please note that "Safe Chat - Plus" is a member-only feature)
     - Gifting and trading ability toggles
     - Billing and redemption code history
     - Membership controls


For further information or discussion on online safety, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.