Ambassadors' Blog - Improving our Spelling

Pupil Voice | St Bridget's Primary and Early Years Class

As the ambassadors, one of our roles is to recognise the areas in which our school is improving.  We love trying to promote learning across the school and one of the things we are working on in English is spelling.

We are trying to encourage students to use Spelling Shed to support them with improving their spellings. This programme is a brilliant way to help our confidence and knowledge in spellings grow. If children go on spelling shed 3x or more times a week, we recognise that this will help their learning be sticky and they will remember them. As a reward, pupils get 5 honey pots and with these they can dress their avatar.

 Also, to make it a bit competitive we have creative a leader board so that year groups and classes can go up and down in the leader boards. This helps us to be competitive; ‘To Compete’ is one of our Secrets of Success. There are even leader boards which are a worldwide! We all get given an avatar name so we don’t know the real name of the pupil we are playing against.

Spelling shed is a fun way of learning. Everybody enjoys it because they can see their progress and they love knowing that is has helped them. Also, they love knowing that it has made a difference to how they are spelling words in their lessons because we are asked to use our spellings in lessons.

By Adam and Ellenor